Trace kiosk products can be widely used in different industry in this new era. Trace offers standard kiosk products as well as customization services to meet customer’s specific requirements. With our experienced teams, we have the capability to design and develop the best quality products that will make you stand out against competitors. We are dedicated to working with you to provide solutions to suit your needs and applications in terms of Hardware & Software.


  • Airline Check in
  • Digital Banking, Account Openings & ATM
  • Hotel Check in Kiosks
  • Bill Payments Kiosk
  • Self Service Kiosk
  • Ticket Vending Machine
  • Interactive Information Kiosk
  • Health Kiosk


  • Design for 24 / 7 Operation
  • No staff needed except routine maintenance
  • Uninterruptable power supply to sustain every check in procedure
  • Power saving and modular devices
  • Fixed on floor and option of lockable with sensor alarm system
  • Digital Marketing

Standard configuration:

  1. 17 inch monitor
  2. 17 inch IR touch screen
  3. Industrious PC
  4. A4 scanner with OCR function
  5. A4 Laser printer
  6. Fingerprint reader
  7. Digital signature pad
  8. Passport scanner
  9. ID reader
  10. Webcam
  11. UPS
  12. Free standing single screen cabinet