CCTV System


The evolution of new businesses and business techniques in every industry has increased the demand of its security and monitoring. CCTV has become a very efficient source of security and surveillance and it is also a fact that it helps in preventing around 70% of business loss. Using a CCTV security system will definitely reduce the losses in your business. By investing in CCTV security systems you will be making an intelligent business move.


  • Ideal for point specific surveillance Provides visual deterrence Available in Day/Night, Wide Angle and Outdoor-Indoor Options Wall or Ceiling Mount
  • Powerful lens for long distance surveillance Small size enables visual concealment Adds to the office decor Available in Day/Night, Wide Angle, Outdoor-Indoor, Pan-Tilt-Zoom etc.
  • Available in 4-8-16 Channels Set presets for individual cameras Storage from 1TB to 8TB Backup through USB Device or DVD-RW Internet Access