Interactive Floor


An interactive floor and surface solution that combines intuitive human body motion with floors and surface areas.
Interactive floor displays easily turn open floor spaces or unnoticed areas into an ongoing experience of movement, action, fun and excitement, stopping people in their tracks as they play, walk by or interact with your marketing content.
The interactive floor is considered a highly effective marketing and brand enhancing tool that captivates and engages target audiences in retail environments, trade shows, museums, lobbies, open spaces, playgrounds and visitor centers.


  • Easily set up, assemble and control your interactive display
  • Use a rich set of embedded templates and visual effects
  • Easily customize the different visual effects
  • Brand a template with your corporate logo
  • Create a playlist of effects
  • Remotely schedule campaigns and content
  • Generate data reports on who interacts and for how long
  • Interactive marketing tool for enhancing your brand and increasing sales
Detection method: proprietary motion sensor.
Display Support: Supports all Projectors, LCD Screens, LED Screens, Plasma, Digital Video Walls etc.
Detection Algorithms: Foot precision tracking, Full body tracking.
Sensing output format: TUIO or TouchMagix™ open XML format
Sensor Cable: 20M standard length. Special length upto 80M available on request.
Template Interface: TouchMagix™ Creative Suite. Supports TED editable template format and TCR locked publishing format.
SDK Interface: C/C++, .NET, Java, OpenGL, Direct3d, Unity3D, Flash Actionscript 2 / Actionscript 3
Operating System: Windows 7 32bit/64bit
Recommended PC: Desktop PC with I5/I7 Processor with 2.8GHz Intel Quad Core or better, 4GB DDR3 RAM,Full Size PCI slot,graphics card with 1 GB Memory and having CUDA support, Windows 7 32 bit OS, 1333 MHz FSB or better, 150 GB HDD or of better configuration
Power-supply: 220 V & 110 V
Sensor Positioning: A minimum of 6 ft and a maximum of 20 ft from detection area.
Mounting Method: Flexible pivoted ball socket clamp
Response time: < 15 milliseconds for light correction and interaction Calibration Drift: No drift
Display System Resolution: 1024 x 768, 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) or higher
Operating Temperature: 0 to + 40° C
Humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing