Portable Interactive Whiteboard


Transform meetings from ho hum to “wow” in minutes

Lightweight, portable and oh-so adaptable. eBeam Edge Projection transforms flat surfaces into lively interactive workspaces.

Place it on traditional whiteboards, walls, tabletops and even glass. Install it in minutes. Draw freehand in vibrant color, annotate on Microsoft PowerPoint documents and use tools that help focus attention on meeting content.

Everything can be shared live, saved and reused.

The eBeam Edge works with any projector and Windows computer. It comes with a lightweight stylus and powerful interactive software.


Feature highlights

Make flat surfaces interactive in minutes

  • Blend with conferencing solutions to enrich meeting material
  • Enliven PowerPoint™ presentations
  • Collaborate with global colleagues with free, secure meeting sharing
  • Mark-up any content on your computer: Office documents, webpages, images and more.
  • Measures less than 8 inches
  • Weighs less than 4 oz.
  • Easy and flexible installation options
  • Activates the largest image area in the market – up to a 9′ x 5′ (123″ diagonal) projected image
  • Can be placed along any “edge” of the board
  • Integrated receiver magnets make attaching to a metallic board a snap
  • Includes stainless steel mounting plate for no-fuss installation on non-magnetic surfaces
  • Smaller than a regular whiteboard marker
  • Three-button stylus with left and right click and instant access to eBeam software tools
  • Newly designed hardware and firmware allow for virtually no lag time between pen and pixel



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